Five reasons why Trump will fail

Five Reasons Trump will Fail

The pace of the office of the President is beyond the scope and capacity of most people to fathom or deal with on a daily basis. The sheer volume of issues and people who want the attention of the President is nonstop and detailed down to 10-15 minute increments. Every day, plus nights and weekends. You can’t just ignore them or go off for a round of golf.

Mr. Trump is used to running a large and varied international business with underlings who will follow his directives precisely.  His schedule is his schedule, he doesn’t need anyone to arrange it or tell him when he has to do whatever. This will not be the case in Washington. I doubt he will have the stamina necessary to have this arranged daily schedule for 365 days and 4 years. He has shown in the past to be impatient and capricious, and not one who has a steady emotional demeanor. The issues he will be presented with and the decisions he will have to make, large and small would wear anyone down, but Mr. Trump more so than our current President.

I doubt he will have the stamina for this office.
> 2) Lack of the experience to understand how the government actually works and functions.

As an outsider in the process of government Mr. Trump brings zero knowledge or experience to the process of governing. He can’t just say to an agency head, do this. He can’t just tell Congress pass this law, or repeal that law. He has no staff or inside group familiar with the federal government. Jimmy Carter is a case in point, an outsider from a small state who relied on his Georgia cronies and look what happened to his term in office.

Our government has three branches, as President he is only one spoke. There are also the multitude of agencies and the army of long time bureaucrats who have seen Presidents come and go. Only when attention is actually focused on one of them like the Bureau of Veteran Affairs in last two years, will someone go, or something might change. They resist change. They define inertia.

The President has limited ability to make wholesale changes, does Mr. Trump understand this? He always portrays himself as the ultimate deal maker. But you just don’t just sit down with the head of Nation X and chat for a few hours and then it’s done! Nope, doesn’t work that way, the change if any is slow, will he grasp this aspect?

It’s a give and take process but many will resist any changes to their interests or their specific area of responsibility.

Also, just because you appoint someone to some cabinet position, doesn’t necessarily mean they will do what you want them to do. Then there is the time factor, time tends to wear down and erode initiative.

The process of government is slow, time consuming and tends to delay or deflate initiative of Mr. Trump’s campaign promises and desires.
> 3) Inability to Delegate

Mr. Trump, if he is anything, is his own man, this we know to be true. Who will he trust beneath him to carry out how his own directives?  Who will he appoint to important cabinet positions, to lead federal agencies like Justice and HS, that don’t already carry their own baggage and their own self interest above his?

He’s already talking to a cuckoo like Giuliani, whose term as Mayor of NYC during 9-11 has worn off eons ago.

He has his family but I don’t see his sons and daughters in cabinet positions. Will it just be him and his wife and children making all the decisions for our nation? Like Trump Tower except in the Oval office? Eating popcorn and watching the NFL while trying to hammer out policy directives?

Further he is a narcissist with  a massive ego, he is  a self made man who has amassed an enviable world class real estate portfolio, and like most self made men in America, a firm belief in his intellectual powers and his” gut instincts”.

I sincerely doubt he will trust few if any people, especially people he doesn’t already know. It’s just not his style or in his nature to delegate. If he does they will be people already close to him, like his son in law?

Loyalty to the Trump Brand is his credo, not experience or acumen in the national arena.
> 4) Capricious off the cuff decision making

His campaign was well documented for his many aggressive, undignified and hurtful comments and his capricious off the cuff remarks. He seems a person who likes invective and confrontation. When confronted with the myriad responsibilities of the office, how will he perform? Per character as we have seen, or in a more controlled mode. The President must be cool under fire, not reactive.

Trump is 70, does he have the capacity and perspective to act as a Chief Executive of the entire nation or will he revert to form?
> 5) The fractious Congressional members

Congress is composed of two separate legislative bodies, the 100 member Senate and the 435 member House of Representatives, both now under Republican control, not a super majority.

The Senate tends to have a more controlled approach to matters in hand, since they are in for six year terms but the House is comprised of many members elected from small districts in low population’s 

states. These members, especially what the media has termed the Republican Tea Party activists will want radical reform of many laws and federal agencies that have say on many areas like banking, the environment, security,  trade and immigration.

Some of these people act and think that this is 1850 when the US population was 95% white people and maybe 20 million total populations. They are venal, small time poseurs who are a threat to the nation long term. Remember Sarah Palin?

They all have agendas that they will try to force him to act on immediately. How will he deal with them? ; As partners or as adversaries?

They will help him or thwart him according to their whims and two dimensional view of the nation and a in a broader sense the world body politic.  These people and people like them formed the basis of pre WWII Germany; Fanatics unleashed who are not afraid to suspend civil liberties. They most resemble the characters in Orwell’s 1984.

Will Mr. Trump grow into his role as Commander in Chief or will he burn out, blunder through four years in Washington or effect real change in America.

We feel not.