My Son Christian Alexander Eitelbach 1993-2012

Today is November 3, 2018. The sixth year to the day that my son was taken from us.
I spent last night and today thinking of that day, sitting in His room, touching His clothes, His pictures, all His mementos that are here with me. I am attaching the the LAST TWO pictures I took of him that Saturday in WLV.
That November 3rd, 2012 was a sunny, cool, blue sky day. It was Saturday. He was coming over to help me with some minor thing on one of the cars. Sand asked him to stay and have some lunch, this was about 12 -1:00 PM. He was always genuinely grateful for anything but it was just sandwiches. He rode his bike all over everywhere, that ultra fast Hayabusa, which he had fallen in love with. A superior race bike. He did have great skills. He just loved being on that bike.
Our relationship had changed to parent and young adult. He was coming along just fine. We had a solid and mutual respect relationship, but he was still My BOY. My Baby Boy. THE CH!
I had great faith in Him.
I found out later that the previous Thursday he took it out and rode about 200 miles through the canyons in Santa Clarita and at one point had touched 175 MPH+ I could only see part of the speedo reading, on the video from his helmet cam, and I only saw/ found this out later.
He vaguely mentioned that he had taken a long ride but of course he wouldn’t have told me the details or the speed!!He knew I would get super pissed but at same time admire his courage.
We went outside and I took a few I phone pics of Him on the bike.
He vaguely mentioned that he had taken a long ride but of course he wouldn’t have told me the details or the speed!! He knew I would’ve flipped out!!! (I rode bikes for 35 years, had a few accidents and I know the real danger of bikes. I was young and crazy at one time too!) But I never had a bike that was 0-60 in 2.53 seconds, or the top speed that was 194MPH.
I looked at My Son, I was proud of Him always. I Liked where he was at and where he was going in His life.
I told him like any parent to always be careful, it’s not YOU, it’s all the other people on the roads who mostly cannot drive at all Period!!
He started his motor, we said goodbye and that was the LAST TIME I SAW MY SON ALIVE. The very last time!!
Then a little while later one his friends called me and said he thinks, thinks CH was in an accident, on Westlake Blvd, right by the house. I quickly jumped in a car, and rode down WL Blvd and saw my son’s bike in pieces! Broken debris strewn all over the road.
A large number of police were there and I tried to run over to get close to the scene, but one guy grabbed me and pulled me away, at that point I stared to come apart, I started to cry and felt sick and jumpy all over. A Large wave of real fear came over me immediately.
I rushed to Los Robles and sat waiting for news while some lame dipshit woman kept smiling and telling us to wait. Our whole family was there and a group of Christian’s close buddies. No news for about two whole hours; I was thinking he had probably broken some bones or what not, and I was just waiting. THEN, then …THE NEWS that killed me!! I left that horrible place crying and choking, sobbing uncontrollably!
For the next week, I was trying to hope something would happen and My Boy would come back. I was depressed and suicidal. Christian meant and means to me more than anything in my Life and always will.
It’s the same feeling today, I am not trying to be self serving but I LOST MY SON. This is my November 3, 2018.

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