Why its right to Hate Putin and All Russians

April 16, 2022

Why it’s the right thing to Hate Putin and All Russians       

Putin’s unprovoked attack and invasion of Ukraine, a white European nation has left me feeling enraged and helpless.

Enraged because the invasion is morally corrupt and helpless because all I can do is donate money to those who are helping both physically with their bodies and efforts alongside the Ukraine nation.

Every image I see of dead civilians, men, women and children, makes me want to Kill Putin and any Russian on the planet, they deserve death. Putin is a liar, a manipulator and a murderer of his own people and now the Ukrainians, he is The Face of Evil in our world.

While I am safe here in Florida, I see people with their homes destroyed, their lives in jeopardy and their nation being shelled city by city, block by block, dead unburied bodies littering the landscape. All I can do is seethe and wish death to him and his soldiers and his entire nation.

And why is this? Because Putin is a dictator who has a fantasy of some mythical Russian Empire that would stretch from The British Isles to the Pacific Ocean, and every nation and people in between. It’s a complete pipe dream, it will never happen unless the West and specifically The United Sates acts NOW to stop Putin in his tracks. He is a historically typical dictator, self centered and self absorbed, delusional, no one to counter him and a mass killer. His only goal is to stay in power with any means possible. He is no friend to the Russian people, he is dooming them to decades of isolation and declining living standards, a pariah state.



Russia has historically been a defensive nation, not one that attempted to subjugate those peoples outside its borders. Their success in WW2 was only a defensive, backs against the wall response to Hitler. They had no choice but to engage the Germans or be annihilated. Their success came from a total effort by their people to arm themselves and stop the Nazis; but without the help of the USA they would’ve failed and the stupidity of Hitler, the amateur strategist. If the Germans had pushed all their entire three armies to Moscow in 1941, they would’ve won. They should’ve, they could have, but they failed. The German army in 1941 was the best in the world, maybe the best ever assembled, battle tested and confident, they should have begun in March 1941 not late June, pushed on to Moscow, ignored other goals and wrecked Moscow and captured Stalin and his cadres , Stalin was shell shocked and almost incapable of action, then the US stepped in and helped him from the verge of catastrophe. The Russians lost several million soldiers either dead, wounded or captured, plus massive civilian deaths. This remarkable turn of affairs I believe is the basis of Putin’s thinking, we can do it again. Like we did in WW2, but actually no they can’t.  Another lesson Putin knows is that enormous civilian deaths in war, either Russian or others is acceptable, they do not value life like we do.

But here’s the kicker, the Russian army is crap, untrained, no capable tactical leadership on the field and a disjointed strategy. They have been soundly beaten by the Ukrainians to date.

Now lets look at what the West has done or not done to aid the Ukraine or stop the Russians, actually we know little, we know some defensive weapons are shipped and being supplied, but no planes, few tanks, very little weapons like  radar, artillery or any offensive weapons, but  average citizens like me know very little real facts, but we do know this: ITS NOT ENOUGH!!

Joe Biden is a nice guy, well intentioned but not a leader people can rally around, he lacks charisma and intent. Is he using Roosevelt’s strategy of letting others do the dying while we watch the outcome. Roosevelt was a calculating elitist, he knew the Russians in WW2 had no choice but to fight and die, but we do have a choice. I believe politics plays a big part in his decision making but c’mon man, give Ukraine what they need to kill Russians. As an example, four squadrons of A 10’s would’ve decimated his stalled columns of trucks and tanks. Destroyed them completely. Unfortunately, Putin is playing Biden and the West and they will not stand up.

A majority of Americans want Russia stopped, why is Biden dithering? Where is a Kennedy or an Eisenhower when the world needs strong leadership?

Putin needs to die and along with him a large number of Russians too, I want to see Russian cities turned to rubble.

The West has a great opportunity to stop Russia and make them what they really are, a third rate power. ACT NOW! Biden.

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